Sunday, 16 September 2012

FDI furore: Mamata threatens to withdraw ministers from govt

FDI furore: Mamata threatens to withdraw ministers from govt
Clean Media Correspondent

New Delhi, Sept 16 (CMC) Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee may withdraw ministers from UPA and continue outside support over the go-ahead to FDI in multi-brand retail and diesel price hike, a media report said on Sunday.

West Bengal chief minister Banerjee had offered four options and a 24-hour deadline to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to rollback the decisions, but had not mentioned withdrawing from the government even once at a protest rally in Kolkata.
Banerjee's options for the PM included bringing back black money to bolster the economy.

"If they do not accept these options within 24 hours we are going to take a firm step on Tuesday," said the Trinamool Congress chief whose party is a UPA constituent.

The threat of "firm step", which she did not specify, comes a day after she threatened to take "hard decisions".

Earlier, she met representatives of traders' organisations at the state secretariat and urged them to join her fight against FDI multi-brand retail.

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