Friday, 2 November 2012

UPA's scams have tainted country's image globally, says Advani

UPA's scams have tainted country's image globally, says Advani 
Clean Media Correspondent
Shimla, Nov 01 (CMC) Winding up the campaign at Majra in Sirmaur district, just 24 hours before the closing of campaigning for Himachal Pradesh Assembly polls, Advani slammed the UPA government saying surfacing of new scams every day has "tarnished the image of the country globally and eroded the democratic system in the country."
Advani called for open public debate on all issues of public concern like in America and said the candidates contesting polls should debate the issue on a common platform to strengthen democracy.
The veteran BJP leader called for open public debate on all issues of public concern like in America.
Reiterating his demand for major electoral reforms, Advani said simultaneous polls should be held for Lok Sabha and all state Assemblies, voting should be made compulsory and an option to "reject all" should be included in the EVMs.
"Such electoral reforms would further strengthen our democracy and there would be no surprise if the Indian democracy becomes one of the most vibrant democracy in the world," he added.
He said that Dhumal government has fulfilled its promise to develop backward areas like Sirmaur, and appealed the people to re-elect the BJP. Expressing concern over cross-border terrorism, Advani said if any country wages a proxy war against India, it has to be fought a lesson. Shahnawaz Hussain, the national spokesperson of the BJP, also lashed out at the UPA for rampant corruption and asked the Muslims to vote for his party.
Addressing election rally at Tani in Ani constituency in Kullu district, the leader of the opposition in Rajya Sabha, Arun Jaitley attacked the UPA government for shielding corruption and said that party has chosen a tainted leader to lead the party in Himachal Pradesh assembly polls. Former MP Vinod Khanna addressed meeting at Bilaspur while former BJP president Rajnath Singh urged voters to return the BJP to power at his rally at Sarkaghat.

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