Saturday, 29 September 2012

Hazare to meet supporters in Delhi for first time after split

Hazare to meet supporters in Delhi for first time after split
Clean Media Correspondent

New Delhi, Sept 29 (CMC) Anna Hazare will be in Delhi on Sunday for the first time after his split with Arvind Kejriwal for a meeting with his supporters and activists to chalk out the future course of action. Hazare's meeting comes against the backdrop of his blog posting in which he put the blame for separation 
squarely on Kejriwal-led pro-party group.

The meeting is likely to be attended by activists Medha Patkar, Dr Sunilam and others, sources said. Hazare will return to Ralegan Siddhi on Monday.

In his blog yesterday, Hazare said "politics has split" the anti-corruption movement and the pro-party group has gone against his will.

Hazare also decried efforts to link him with some parties and "communal" outfits, in an apparent reference to allegations that he is closing ranks with RSS through yoga guru Ramdev to run the anti-corruption movement after the split with the Kejriwal-led group.

"Those who favour party have been saying that if Anna says, then they will not form a party. But despite that, they have decided to go ahead with the plan against my decision. Sometimes, it is also said they were forming the party because Anna has decided so. This is not right," he said.

In a new blog posting, the 75-year-old activist also said the movement was not divided in the past two years despite efforts by UPA government.

But, he added, now it has split even without the government putting in any effort as one group wanted to take the electoral route.

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  1. Hazare's craze has been diminished by Arvind and his team!