Thursday, 20 September 2012

Kejriwal party a foolish project: Ram Jethmalani

Kejriwal party a foolish project: Ram Jethmalani
Clean Media Correspondent

NEW DELHI, Sept 20 (CMC) Coming out in support of Anna Hazare, noted lawyer Ram Jethmalani on Thursday termed as "foolish project" the decision of Arvind Kejriwal-led group to form a party and urged the veteran activist to focus only on corruption. 

In an open letter to Hazare, the Rajya Sabha MP also suggested Hazare to fight against candidates of opposition parties who "do not have a spotlessly clean image" for integrity and selfless service of the nation. 

"I have learnt with great disappointment, almost consternation, that some of your colleagues want to start a new political party. I mean no disrespect to anyone but this is a foolish project almost certain to perpetuate corruption and the regime of corrupt rulers. 

"I almost suspect this move has been instigated by those whom you want to displace and destroy," Jethmalani said and assured his "cooperation and assistance at all limits" to Hazare. However, the lawyer did not take the name of Kejriwal. 

Hazare and his supporters yesterday parted ways with the Kejriwal-led group who were pitching for the movement forming a party and fight elections. 

Claiming that Hazare's work was "much more important" than his "some success" in the fight against corrupt, the lawyer suggested that the activist should concentrate on the "single issue of corruption" and intensify struggle to tackle practitioners of graft. 

"A new political party cannot have a one-point manifesto. People would like to know its views on other issues affecting every section of the electorate. You will only create confusion and invite ridicule," Jethmalani, who has filed a petition in Supreme Court on blackmoney issue, said. 

He also said that Hazare should not succumb to the attraction of minority vote banks and he should tell minorities that he will support those parties who will honestly support the recommendations of the Sachar committee report.

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