Thursday, 27 September 2012

The real hero: Manmohan Singh, the FM or PM?

The real hero: Manmohan Singh, the FM or PM?
Clean Media Correspondent

New Delhi, Sept 27 (CMC) Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has many achievements to  his credit. Apart from being the Finance Minister who opened India’s economy and allowing foreign investment, he’s also the oldest serving Prime Minister at 80, holding together a coalition and still attempting to rescue the economy. But which role do people think he’s done better at?

“It is a clear case of who the public would support, is it Manmohan Singh, the Finance Minister or Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister? One wonders how the real hero of the 1991 reforms let us down so badly. I feel that he was too happy and complacent in office in his second term to take any major decision on any front,” Gurcharan Das, author and former CEO of P&G said in an interview.

On his 80th birthday, one wonders who is the real hero-Manmohan, the PM or FM? 
Vinod Mehta, former Editor-in-Chief of Outlook magazine, who was also on the panel agreed with him.

Mehta pointed out that the Prime Minister was unwilling to use his power and did not assert himself.

“The reason the reform decisions did not materialise sooner was because Pranab Mukherjee (former Finance Minister) and Manmohan Singh did not see eye to eye,” he said.

But Mehta also noted that the Prime Minister was bold enough to go against domestic public opinion and was persistent on his policy on Pakistan. His early initiatives are the reason why Pakistan is keener than India to normalise relations now, he added.

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  1. History will tell the truth a little later but in our opinion Manmohan Singh is not a hero but a big zero!