Friday, 12 October 2012

A student of Kashi Institute of Tech killed, 21 others injured in an accident at Mirzamurad

A student of Kashi Institute of Tech killed, 21 others injured in an accident at Mirzamurad

All the Photographs by Somit Bardhan

Sanjay Singh/ Clean Media Correspondent

Varanasi, Oct 12 (CMC) A student of KIT at Mirzamurad on GT road, 25 kilometers from here, was killed and 21 others were injured when a high speed truck hit the College bus in the morning at about 8.00 hrs, trying to overtake it from the wrong side.
In the morning today as a bus carrying the students of the Kashi Institute of Technology from Varanasi reached Mirzamurad, 25 kilometers from here, a truck hit it from behind trying to overtake it, resulting in the death of a student on the spot and injuring 21 others, some of whom are serious.
Superintendent of Police, Rural Area, Amarendra Singh told Clean Media that the injured have been hospitalized in the nearby Apex hospital.
He said that the irate students of the KIT and Kisan Inter College burnt a Jeep and bike of police and two trucks.
Heavy police force has been deployed on the spot and the situation is now under control.
He said that the killed student has been identified as Amit Patel. No one has been arrested in the incident and the driver of the truck is absconding.


  1. God knows, why the people are so rash...!

    1. It is not one student but 6 people have been killed till 1.30.P.M

  2. plss dont tell a lie near abt 5 students were killed n rest of others are very sirious n its totaly a fault of school bus driver not of truck driver becoj the school bus is try to overtak the truck at speed of 80 km

  3. i think its very sad moment of all student kit institute .overtaking always risky in highway of both side.

  4. Miss. Saumya
    I am an student of KIT.
    I was passing by the spot of accident and saw that the bus was just taking a turn for the college and a truck at high speed collided with the BUS that was not the fault of College bus driver but was that of the truck driver.

    I cannot say more than that.
    Thank you

  5. dear may b u r eye witness bt my frnd is the witnees of that n he is saying that bus driver is cuming with speed of 80 n wen he has to tak turn he overtak the truk n truck is also cuming with same speed n n he unable to tak brek at that point of tymmm got it

  6. Miss saumya, i dont know who are you but i say you..... this type comment only planed by Mr. Dixit in PTI. so i know very well why do you say on varanasi news.
    G. S. Raotela.. Rastriy Sahara

  7. i m also suffering from this accident its was totally truck driver fault...i was in that bus only

  8. But our revenge was right......fir against 500 students have been done.......