Thursday, 9 August 2012

Battlefront Ramlila Maidan: Baba Ramdev starts protest

Battlefront Ramlila Maidan: Baba Ramdev starts protest

Clean Media Correspondent

New Delhi , Aug 09 (CMC) : Fourteen months after he was bundled out of Ramlila Maidan here in a midnight police swoop, yoga guru Ramdev today launched another round of indefinite protest here demanding bringing back blackmoney stashed abroad.

Ramdev arrived at the Ramlila Maidan protest venue, from where he was bundled out by police 14 months ago during a similar stir, to a rousing welcome from his supporters.

A gathering of around 10,000 people at the maidan (Anna Hazare protest, held last week at Jantar Mantar, was mostly bereft of crowds) will be an encouraging boost for the Baba whose previous stint at the site ended in a debacle.

Crowds are chanting 'Bharat Mata ki jai' and 'Vande Mataram' to give the protest a suitable start.

Before coming to the venue, he visited Mahatma Gandhi's memorial Raj Ghat.
"I am here to pay my respect to the sacrifice made by Mahatama Gandhi. I am paying my respect to Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and 7,00,000 other martyrs whose sacrifice has sadly been compromised because of corruption and black money," Ramdev said.

It may be recalled that in the first instance of protest at Ramlila, Ramdev had fled when police launched an action to evict his supporters - he was caught in a woman's clothes that he was not allowed to change till he was peremptorily dispatched to Haridwar - a black spot that he is yet to erase.

He also continued his fast, but was hospitalised within days, leading him to give it up promptly.

This led to uncharitable comparisons with Swami Nigamananda who died post-73-day fast protesting against the defiling of the Ganga - illegal mining and stone crushing. He defied all attempts to get him to give it up and refused to play to the galleries, shunning media attention.
 Ramdev's second round of protest will witness an expansion of his agenda from blackmoney to Lokpal Bill, making CBI independent and a more transparent procedure for appointing Election Commissioners, CAG, CVC and CBI Director.
Ramdev's previous protest in Ramlila Maidan from June 4 last year ended in a midnight police crackdown on June 6 morning with authorities claiming that he violated the norms agreed upon. He was caught by police while trying to flee from the venue in woman's attire.
The second indefinite protest, announced in June this year, also will be keenly watched as it comes a week after Anna Hazare called off his fast, disbanded his team which has decided to take a political plunge.

As he prepares to launch second round of his agitation, Ramdev maintained he harbours no political ambitions and his only aim was to push for bringing back unaccounted money stashed abroad.

"We have no political ambitions, we have no political mission or political agenda. Our only mission is to save the country by bringing back blackmoney," he said while talking to the media in Ahmedabad on eve of his agitation.

After spending three days in the ancestral home of 'Iron Man' Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel at Karmsad in Anand district, Ramdev was in the city to address a religious gathering held as part of Janamashtami festivities.

Besides his pet issue of blackmoney, the yoga teacher-cum-activist will this time also focus on a host of other matters like Lokpal Bill, making CBI independent and a more transparent procedure for appointing Election Commissioners, CAG, CVC and CBI Director during his indefinite stir beginning at Delhi's Ramlila Maidan from tomorrow
Asked whether Gandhian Anna Hazare will be joining him at the Ramlila Ground, he said, "Annaji has more than once publicly promised that he is joining me on August 9, so now its up to him to decide."

"We have appealed to every social, religious, political and spiritual organisation to join our movement. So anyone can come and join us tomorrow," he maintained when asked if Arvind Kejriwal or Kiran Bedi, key members of now disbanded Team Anna, would be present at this protest site.

Before addressing the media, Ramdev called upon the people to organise rallies in support of his movement.

"Blackmoney is a product of unjust economic management and that's the root cause of all problems we are facing currently. So tomorrow show your anger against blackmoney by organising a rally in big way," he said.


  1. Baba , we pray for your success. But government's attitude towards Anna and his team is enough to show that they won't let won't let you succeed.

  2. Babaji, It is over. It is all over. You are like Hero, japanese soldier who surrendered after 40 years in the Phillipines jungles, thinking that the war was still on and his sargent had asked him not to ever surrender. His uniform was torn but he tried to stich it at hundreds of places, body was mostly bit by the mosquitoes, he did not rust his gun. I bet your gun has never rusted as you have never used it, you do not have many clothes on, sorry about that salvaar the police took away from you here at the Ramlila grounds, and the mosquitoes you can handle them as long as they do not bite at the right spots of picking such as in the nose, under the arms, on the eyes, in the ears and a few places below the belt, that you know where?