Saturday, 11 August 2012

Protest against Assam riots turns violent in Mumba

Protest against Assam riots turns violent in Mumbai

Clean Media Correspondent

MUMBAI, Aug 11 (CMC): The protest that was staged by several Muslim organizations on Saturday to condemn the alleged attacks on Muslims in Myanmar and the riots in Assam turned violent. Police had to fire in the air to disperse protesters. Some vehicles were torched according to TV reports.

Led by Raza Academy, an organization working to promote Islamic culture, the protest was supported by other organizations like Sunni Jamaitul Ulma and Jamate Raza-e-Mustafa. They also condemned the riots and violence in Assam.

Sporting black badges, hundreds of members and activists of these organizations, earlier converged at the Azad Maidan and expressed concern over the massacre of the Muslim community.

Maulana Syed Moinuddin Ashraf, president of Jamia Qadriya Ashrafiya, has urged the the central and state governments to intervene.

"It is the responsibility of the Congress government to protect the Muslims, and for that matter each and every citizen," said the Maulana, who is also known as Moin Miyan.

"With regards to the massacre in Myanmar, we understand it is an external problem and that certainly should be taken care of, but what is happening in Assam reflects on the state of affairs of the country," he added.

"A large number of Muslims have been rendered homeless and are now living in camps," said Raza Academy chairman Saeed Noorie.

Noorie said they have already written to the government of Myanmar, the United Nations, the International Human Rights Organization, Organization of Islamic Countries, President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to highlight the massacre of Muslims in Myanmar

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