Monday, 5 November 2012

Rahul Gandhi already is number 2 in the party: Renuka Chowdhary

Rahul Gandhi already is number 2 in the party: Renuka Chowdhary
Clean Media Correspondent

NEW DELHI, Nov 05 (CMC) The suspense over the formal announcement for a "larger role" to Rahul Gandhi continues with Congress today saying there is no need for any "anxiety" on the issue. 

Party spokesperson Renuka Chowdhary also dismissed the contention that Rahul's elevation to the number-2 position in the party raises question mark on the hierarchy of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh within the Congress. 

"Can the Prime Minister be number-2? He is the Prime Minister. Prime Minister is an independent post. It has nothing to do with number-2 in the party," she told reporters. 

To questions about delay in anointing Rahul as number-2, Chowdhary said, "I do not think anybody needs to anoint anybody. He is already number-2 in the party. He is working as number-2 in the party." 

She, however, did not give a direct reply when asked when a formal announcement regarding a change in Rahul's designation in the party can be announced saying it will happen at an appropriate time and that there is "no anxiety" required for it as things do not work out as media wants. 

Chowdhary also strongly defended Rahul's remarks in the party rally yesterday during which he had reminded BJP that Congress stood by the NDA government on the Kargil issue. 

Rahul's remarks drew sharp reaction from BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi who said Congress had not done any obligation to it as it was the duty of every patriotic Indian to support the Armed Forces at that crucial juncture. 

"But then do we lose our right to criticise. Can we not say that that they (Pakistani) forces entered Kargil due to their (the BJP government's) weakness," Chowdhary said accusing BJP of "arrogance". 

She also ridiculed Joshi for his attending an agitation against FDI during which protesters blew flute before buffaloes. 

"I feel pity that at this age, Joshi has to play flute before the buffaloes." 

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  1. Renuka is right as everyone in Congress is subordinate to the Gandhi family...