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RSS member on Gadkari: No party president should be in business

RSS member on Gadkari: No party president should be in business 
Clean Media Correspondent

New Delhi, Nov 13 (CMC) Days after he probed the Purti group and concluded that BJP President Nitin Gadkari had committed no legal or moral offense, RSS ideologue S Gurumurthy has now clarified through his tweets that though he stands by his probe report on Gadkari, he has not given a clean chit to the BJP President since he does not know him fully and that he cares very little whether Gadkari remains the BJP President or not. Gurumurthy also says that he personally feels that no party president should be in business as that creates perception issues. He says his conclusion is limited to the fact that the Rs 47 crore investment in Purti or those through the 14 companies is not money laundering by Nitin Gadkari.
"I personally feel that no party president should be in business as that always invites problems and creates perception. The perception about Gadkari is a political problem which he and his party have to handle I handled only the facts," he said on Twitter.
"I have not given clean chit to Gadkari. I cannot give clean chit to any one who I don't know fully. I don't know Gadkari at all. Never thought of Gadkari till I thought of calling mg Chartered Accountant friend in Nagpur who was Gadkari's CA. I care very little whether Gadkari remains President or not. If I had been asked my opinion by any one else I would have done the same thing," hr further said.

Congress leader Digvijaya Singh on Gurumurthy said that the party has nothing to do with Garumurthy's clean chit to Gadkar. There are some facts which Gadkari can't deny. RSS is not removing Gadkari it clearly shows Corporate is dominating in RSS," he said.
Earlier, Rajya Sabha MP Ram Jethmalani had claimed sources in BJP have told him that not every party leader has accepted Gurumurthy's clean chit to Nitin Gadkari in connection with his companies' dealings and he is unlikely to be given a second term as President. "I don't know how many leaders have accepted Gurumurthy's advice", he told Karan Thapar on his Devil's Advocate programme on CNN-IBN.
On Gadkari getting a second term after RSS support, Jethmalani said "I don't believe that such a state is contemplated...I don't believe that there is any RSS pressure. I'm not sure that RSS has given the same advice what Gurumurthy has given." Asked what made him think so, he said "I have my own contacts with RSS. I have many reasons to say this" but added he is not in a position to disclose anything more on this.
He says he does not believe chartered accountant Gurumurthy's investigations have cleared Gadkari's name and said he is yet to receive the documents as promised by him.
Gurumurthy had earlier supported Gadkari saying he is "legally and morally" clear. "Re Gadkari. I examined legal & moral aspect. The 14 questioned cos belong Nagpur group that invested in Purti in 2004 and told IT dept," Gurumurthy, a chartered accountant, had said. "So I am convinced that Nitin has legally nothing to do with the 14 questioned cos. Morally he is clear becos Nagpur has owned them in 2003/4," he further tweeted.
Gurumurthy said the companies, which invested in Purti Group, belong to a Nagpur Group, which have no political connections. Gurumurthy, who has been managing the crisis and meeting with senior BJP leaders on behalf of Gadkari and RSS after noted lawyer and party MP Ram Jethmalani openly attacked Gadkari and demanded his immediate resignation as President, said Gadkari was clean. "I have verified that the Nagpur group has no political connection. No government contract. But they are worried about media exposure. Rightly," he tweeted.
Gurumurthy said "Nagpur group is a group of Jain family with 2000 crore asset base, Not a marginal player. Manages 15 k worth jain charities." He said "I have met them (the family), interrogated them and ascertained the truth...Their media shyness has been taken advantage of by the media. Nitin is not even aware of how they have arranged to keep their investments," he said.
About the driver, Gurumurthy said "he was driver decades ago. Now a supervisor. Media has made him a driver." Gurumurthy accused the media of sensationalising the issue.

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