Friday, 25 November 2011

Only 31% back Katju's views on news media: Survey

Oh yes,this is the true story!
Only 31% back Katju's views on news media- Survey
Clean Media Correspondent 

New Delhi, Nov 25 (CMC): Only 31 per cent of news consumers back Press Council Chairman Justice Markandey Katju's views that Indian media is anti-people, a survey has claimed. 
According to the survey conducted by a marketing agency for 'Outlook' magazine, two out of every three Indians preferred self regulation by media rather than any government intervention.
"Notwithstanding the ripples created by his recent comments, barely 31 per cent of news consumers share Katju's perception that Indian news media is anti-people," a release issued by the magazine said. 
On the contrary, the trust in the credibility of media is as high as 92 per cent. 
Katju has kicked up a controversy soon after assuming office of Press Council Chairman by remarking that he held a "poor opinion" of media personnel in general accusing them of often working in an "anti-people" manner and advocating more teeth to the council to regulate them. 
The survey said that 59 per cent of TV viewers agreed with Katju's views that media was diverting attention of the people by focusing on trivia and gossip while only 42 per cent of the newspaper readers agreed with it.
44 per cent of the news consumers felt that standards of journalism had risen. Over 75 per cent of those surveyed found that the newspaper they read or the news channel they watch had been fair and accurate in reporting recent events. 
Fifty-six per cent of the respondents felt that media was paying the price for uncovering the scams and corruption scandals. 
On the Rs 100 crore damages awarded against Times Now by a Pune court, the release said that 46.1 per cent felt it was unfair. 
The poll was conducted in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Hyderabad this week among 516 respondents. 

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