Friday, 25 November 2011

‘Ramdev responsible for midnight crackdown’

Oh yes,this is the true story!
‘Ramdev responsible for midnight crackdown’
Clean Media Correspondent 

New Delhi, Nov 25 (CMC): The midnight crackdown on Ramdev and his followers at the Ramlila ground during their protest against corruption was a result of "entire mess" created by them and yoga guru should take "responsibility" for it, Delhi Police told the Supreme Court Friday. 
The Police also justified the involvement of Home Minister P Chidambaram for maintaining the law and order situation at the venue saying that "malafide" cannot be attributed to him as he was obviously "worried" when the gathering exceeded the capacity and his action was "constitutionally permissible". 
"If you have a capacity of 50,000 and it went up to one lakh at the Ramlila maidan, the Home Minister will be worried and Union Government is expected to maintain the order.
"Does it become malafide if Delhi Police Commissioner is in touch with the Home Minister and Home Secretary?" Delhi Police counsel and senior advocate Harish Salve asked before a bench comprising justices B S Chauhan and Swatanter Kumar. 
He said the organisers of the event had "not given correct impression" as to how the situation of chaos was created. 
"What happened was unfortunate and unpleasant but who is resposnible," the senior advocate said while blaming Ramdev and his followers.
"They (Ramdev and his followers) had created the entire mess. The police had gone to Ramdev giving certain reasons as to why the permission for holding protest has to be cancelled and why he has to call off his ongoing programme. 
"But he jumped and started running away. Ramdev has to take responsibility. The irresponsible behaviour of those present at the venue were responsible for the so called midnight crackdown. Police was not there to remove the people," Salve said. 

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