Tuesday, 14 August 2012

After 'boycott' 'Team Anna' lands up on Ramdev protest stage

After 'boycott' 'Team Anna' lands up on Ramdev protest stage
Clean Media Correspondent
New Delhi, Aug 14 (CMC) On the last day of his agitation today, Ramdev got surprise support of erstwhile Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal.

Ramdev protest was markedly without support of erstwhile Team Anna members, leading to insinuations of an 'informal boycott' as they are not on the best of terms with the yoga guru.

On stage, Kejriwal urged people to back the yoga guru in his protest and warned him about political parties "which are neck-deep in corruption".

None of the erstwhile Team Anna members barring Kiran Bedi went to Ramlila Maidan to attend the protest as a section in Hazare camp was against any truck with Ramdev. Hazare also gave Ramdev show a miss though he had publicly assured him that he will attend the protest.

"Some people are projecting it as Swami Ramdev versus Team Anna issue. It is not that. It is corruption vs people of India. People should stand united.

"We support Swami Ramdev's agitation and issues raised by him. Urge people to support his cause. But we caution him against parties who are expressing their support. They are neck deep in corruption and their support is mere opportunism," Kejriwal tweeted this morning.

He also alleged that the government stands exposed in their inaction against corruption and reluctance to talk to people of this country.

Kejriwal's remarks came just hours ahead of Ramdev ending his six-day fast on blackmoney issue.

Team Anna had attacked Ramdev earlier this month during their protest after the yoga guru shared dais with Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.
Earlier, when asked whether Team Anna members would go to Ramdev's protests, Kejriwal had said they had not received any invitation.

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