Friday, 17 August 2012

'No intention to undermine judiciary'- Salman Khurshid

'No intention to undermine judiciary'
Clean Media Correspondent

New Delhi, August 17 (CMC) The government on Thursday said the independence of judiciary was "paramount" and it had no intention to undermine it.
Law minister Salman Khurshid reiterated that the controversial clause in the Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill, which sought to debar judges from making oral comments against other constitutional authorities would be dropped.
"I have already made it clear that I will go back to the cabinet to remove any clause with even marginal controversial provision," he told reporters.
Khurshid was responding to the remarks made by Chief Justice of India SH Kapadia during his Independence Day address on Wednesday, in which he had cautioned the government against tinkering with the judicial independence.

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