Thursday, 26 April 2012
Aamir to be a friend did forward
Sharad Vajpayee/ Clean Media Correspondent 
Somit bardhan/ Clean Media Photographer
Varanasi: April 26: (CMC)  Varanasi who was special for the day Wednesday. Auto rickshaw driver by profession, Ram Lakhan, Bollywood star Aamir Khan he's son Rajiv's wedding with everyone desperate to become wedding appeared. 
As it as it declares in the Lap of evening was the night, Sigra- Mahmoorganj crowd grew lot of the way marriage lawn. The hands should be in the floral and gift. His hand were in the pen and paper. Photos op with all Aamir was keen to take hold and Autographs Ram Lakhan, dhotis and turbans, the whiskers came on a sheet of paper, See them surrounded by people. One time it seemed as if Aamir hit, but that did not Happen. Grate eager to get a glimpse of Aamir had for gotten it at home running wedding festivities have come to him any work.
To wait night watches ended at 12.45 hrs when the marriage ceremony, Khan's said, the Ram Lakhan had arranged for them special Lassie. Aamir became Vijeta and her friends at the bride's face glad for the company could easily be read. Rajiv and his Friends it was the groom, who stepped to he  tune of music to celebrate the arrival of Aamir Khan dancing was fun. Aamir late night wedding celebrating is a celebration of the spawns. 
Nagendra Paswan alias Ram Lakhan the Rajiv's father of three days in December 2009 was mixed with Aamir. The promotion of the Film Three Idiots star Khan came to Varanasi. The shape of an old man traveled a lot on rickshaw in Ram Lakhan. Aamir Khan to be a strange ride when they found out was decommissioned.
Aamir Khan to keep promises he made as a wadding the wedding son of Ram Lakhan, were reached Varanasi. People were hear din stories or films sow Aamir on a poor dream has come true.


  1. super star came in varanasi....

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