Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Varanasi City station for the three brokers from the holding
Varanasi City station for the three brokers from the holding
Clean Media Correspondent 
Varanasi: April 24: (CMC)  Gorakhpur and Varanasi City Reservations Center headquarters was raided by vigilance team got three brokers. 
Brokers caught from Delhi, Mumbai, seven tickets, full of form and recovered cash Rs. After questioning the three accused Vigilance team handed over to RPF. During raids on the reservation center is an atmosphere of chaos.Eight o'clock in the morning raids at the center of the reservation was taken. Ticket and form many of the Vigilance team arrested three people. During the investigation, many of them looking to form book tickets and took them into custody. Vigilance Inspector in raids Ehtesham Khan, Zaheer Ahmed and Inspector Rajesh Sinha, primarily in charge of the RPF by the City. Brewing giant standing in the brokers Kumar Gupta Kzzakpura, D Gupta and Satish Tiwari Biseshwarganj Sigra Madhopur is from. 
Of these, six tickets to a broker and the other to Rs 10260 a ticket and 1700 rupees were recovered. Vigilance in the interrogation of those arrested were several new information. The game is believed to be in the hands of reservations clerks. Vigilance team raids of the ax could fall on a few clerks.