Monday, 30 April 2012

The disclosure of the atrocities on nuns in churches
The disclosure of the atrocities on nuns in churches
Clean Media Correspondent 
New Delhi: April 30: (CMC)  Autobiography by a former nun in Kerala Catholic church in the clergy sexual abuse of nuns by removing the cover from the best - have great commotion.Two years ago, another of nuns by priests in his autobiography Julmo like - give company tells the story said.Mary Chandy said he Nnma Nirnjvle adieu 'prevalent in the church and educational centers' dark' have tried to highlight. Sister Mary said, I have tried to save Wayanad experiences gained in the Church. Instead of spirituality within the Church's life was filled with lust. A priest had tried to rape me. I saved his dignity by running on her stool. Sister Mary spent her life as a nun for 40 years.Sister Mary wrote, "I ran away from home at the age of 13 years, the Nuns and the four decades it was tied. Exploitation and lonely I got in return for such a long association. " She wrote, "I thought that priests and nuns, both stepping out of her determination to serve humanity in the fulfillment of physical needs are taken." Spurred by similar experiences, she left the church and convent.The Catholic community in Kerala, the first book is not to be shaken. About two years ago of another nun Sister Jesmi book Amem: The Otobayogrfi of a nuns' convent had been eliminated Julmon was brought to the fore.

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