Thursday, 26 April 2012

Risat-1 satellite launched today
Risat-1 satellite launched today
Clean Media Correspondent 
Chennai: April 26: (CMC)   remote sensing / Earth monitoring satellites' radar imaging satellite (Risat -1) at 5.47 am on Thursday to set up in space by a rocket will be launched from Earth. Indian space agency, the rocket's second stage is liquid fueled. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), a knowledgeable source said today (Wednesday), the major activities involved in the rocket's second stage liquid fuel filling. Rocket countdown is on and all systems are normal.ISRO officials said the indigenous Radar Imaging Satellite (Risat 1) forecasts of disasters and agricultural use will be for advance information. With its high resolution photos and microscopic images to be used for defense purposes. The term of five years will be satellite. The weight of the satellite microwave Risat -1. Its weight is 1,858 kg. It at an altitude of 480 kilometers will be installed with an inclination of 97.552 degrees.The rocket carrying the satellite into Earth orbit, the four-stage Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV), the upgraded version of PSLV - is XL. PSLV's history the most weight will be the space, but scientists do not expect any problems. Piavelvi the four steps is filled with solid and liquid fuels. First and third stage solid fuel is filled, the second and fourth stage liquid fuel is used.Satellite remote sensing images and other data sent to Earth.India has 11 remote sensing satellites. These Tiis, Risorssat 1, Katresat 1, 2, 2 A and 2 B, IMS 1, Risat 2, Osnsat 2, Risorssat 2, Megha - Tropiks. ISRO officials said the new mission control center will control the space launch rocket scientist. President Pratibha Patil inaugurated the center in January.


  1. Another achievement of India........... good.

  2. It was surprising how India can not be said to do,