Saturday, 28 April 2012

Tehelka bribery scandal to Bangaru Laxman was sentenced to 4 years
Tehelka bribery scandal to Bangaru Laxman was sentenced to 4 years
Clean Media Correspondent 
New Delhi: April 28: (CMC) today, the former BJP President Bangaru Laxman jail by special CBI court to four years and the bail of a million have also been asked to fill.
Earlier this morning eleven-year-old convicted of taking bribes in the case of former BJP President Bangaru Laxman has been brought to court. Bangaru in court arguing the sentence is complete. Sentence will be announcedat 2.30 pm. Bangaru debate counsel for the court to see their illnessand age at least made ​​an appeal to the sentence. The CBI soughtBangaru sentenced to five years.
The corruption in the CBI special court on Friday convicted theBangaru Laxman. Bangaru was later sent to the Tihar Jail.
Laxman in a sting in the year -2001 defense deal to get a bribe of Rsone lakh in the name was filmedLaxman came to this decisionseemed uncomfortable with the BJPHe took it off the lot withLaxman as a private matter.
According to the United States on Bangaru West End InternationalDefence Ministry of the bogus company names to the deal was accused of taking bribe of Rs one lakh. Sting was in the news portal Tehelka Dot com. As was the company's official news portal reporter.Sting was executed in March -2001 -2001 March 13 the sting wasmade ​​public. The BJP president Bangaru was forced to resign.


  1. Laxman ek achchhe neta nahi hai aur bhajpa me kaam kar ke unho ne ek pwitr party ko kamjor kar diya ................

  2. Swine flu and scam return after a picnic.........

  3. majority of indian are immotional and tempramental ,they dnot understand politics,bangaru was traped by kerala christian missionary ,whole money was provided by them,tehelka is simple foreign funded,they always exposed b jp,,everyone know indian politician are so poor ,they have not fixed salary specifically not elected one,inflation is so high,they always needs money,,congresi is mother of whole corrupt deals,earned billion dollars selling nation,it is hypocracy of media which is paid by congress fraudstar who control whole economy big business families which can give billion rupees cash to formulate,implement any espionage activities and plant any sting operation,,,those who are indian living in fool paradise who consider honest as big quality,in politics every parties needs fund to operate parties,they get money thorough middlemen who help them to set commision in every deals,congresi is master of brainwashing and subverting whole enquiry and planting new story every time,in bofors sonia is personally involved,but c b i is their stooges,she cannot be imprisonned,poor man with little knowledge is entraped because he was honest,if some have little mind go to military official,leaders of congresi,offer them girl, drink ,wine,majority of them have accepted in past and will accept in future but in different and very confidential way,,,whole india is for sale,common public is just fool and living in fools paradise,if they dnot stand and questioning whole nation is suffering and will suffer,,we need strong transferent lokpal,keep watch on every transaction and suring if any one found guilty,,immidiately sending to jail with whole confiscating money,wealth and whole property,,,shame on media who is tellng one side of story