Saturday, 28 April 2012

Negotiators to meet the rebels in the jungle
Negotiators to meet the rebels in the jungle
Clean Media Correspondent 
Raipur: April 28: (CMC)  Collector Alex Paul Menon Maoists for talks on the release of both pro negotiator. Hrgopal and brahamdev Sharma Sucomma reached. Maoists message on behalf of the two negotiators Saturday morning around 11 o'clock Cintlnar arrived by helicopter out of Raipur. His motorcycle or jeep through the jungle to the program.
People close to the negotiators of the opinion that by evening or tomorrow morning they will return in talks with Maoist leaders.Naxals exchange for the release of the collector has five demands, which includes hardcore Maoists leave. The dilemma over demand. Both sides are assuming that the negotiators themselves convicted or under trial may be difficult to leave the Naxalites.

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