Sunday, 29 April 2012

DM is perfectly safe to Naxalites - Mediator
नक्सलियों के कब्जे में सुरक्षित हैं डीएमः मध्यस्थ
DM is perfectly safe to Naxalites - Mediator
Clean Media Correspondent 
Raipur: April 29: (CMC)  Chhattisgarh Sucomma Menon about the release of the abducted collector Alex Paul has not been as yet no clear picture.Tadmetla two negotiators from the Maoists in the forests of today and the government of the Maoists.When will the release of abducted Chhattisgarh collector Alex Paul Menon, could not find the answer by now. BD Sharma and Professor Hrgopal Chhattisgarh government helicopter on Saturday and rebels in the jungles of Tadmetla informed of the government's proposals.BD Sharma and Professor Hrgopal to communicate with Naxalites are mediated. After returning, he met the rebels and the government has reported, it has not been disclosed.Chhattisgarh Sucomma district collector Alex Paul Menon, April 21, the rebels are in possession of. Chief Minister Raman Singh Sriwar evening meeting with senior ministers to find a way to consider the release of the collector.Maoist demands that their jailed comrades be released and 17 are run against him to stop Operation Green Hunt. Chhattisgarh government has consistently been saying that any demand of the Maoists will be considered under the law.


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