Sunday, 29 April 2012

Vedic way valve open to Kedarnath
Vedic way valve open to Kedarnath
Clean Media Correspondent
Dehradun: April 29: (CMC)  Located at an altitude in the twelve Jyotirlinga Kedarnath Kedarnath Temple in the summer appeared to have opened the gate of the Vedic tradition.According to official sources said today that auspicious day, seven at a quarter of the temple gate was opened for the visitors. Valve opening time, thousands of pilgrims have worshiped Baba Kedarnath. However, Kedarnath opened the cupboard under the traditional customs were not prayers, but the program has been anointed.According to sources, the temple's head priest Baba Kedarnath Rawal consumed today with the valve open and anointed worship.Then all the devotees to see Abhishek and was allowed to enter the sanctum sanctorum. The ongoing celebration of the Baba Kedarnath temple Unkareshwar the stretcher Ukimt Rambada later, Jnglptty, rooted Grudctty Kedarpuri reached at last night.According to sources, the high peaks of Kedarnath malfunction due to the weather last night's snowfall, the cold is in the area of ​​Kdake.It is the devotees have to face extremely difficult. Place on the walking route Kedarnath - the place is covered by snow. Although it has been cut through. Sources yesterday rains occurred in the vicinity of Kedarnath temple. Last year there was snow on the peaks of the temple, but this time compared to the prior year has been good snowfall.Kedarnath in the liveliness of the area since the valve opening is increased. To the influx of thousands of devotees has been engaged.

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