Tuesday, 28 February 2012

BHU Vice Chancellor Dr. Lalji Singh inspect the SS Hospital
BHU Vice Chancellor Dr. Lalji Singh inspect the SS Hospital
Clean Media Correspondent

Varanasi: Feb 28: (CMC)  Vice Chancellor Dr. Lalji Singh visited Hospital to inspect the vacated basement and junkyard taken out. Dr. Lalji Singh during his earlier visit to the hospital had shown concern for unnecessary junkyard accumulated in the basement since last 30 years. He had then ordered that the basement should be vacated by his next visit. 

Today the basement is completely vacated and possibility of utilizing this space was discussed in the presence of Medical Superintendent, Director IMS, Chief Proctor, Finance Officer, Registrar, and other officials of hospital. It may be mentioned here that Dr. Lalji Singh is taking keen interest in improvement of facilities in the hospital. He is almost visiting hospital at the interval of 7-10 days in a month. Due to his constant visit and monitoring he was able to create around 5000 sq. feet space which will be utilize for parking and other hospital use after necessary water proofing treatment and renovation. He gave strict orders the junkyard collected out of basement should be cleared up at the top priority and when he visits next time he should not see the junkyard lying here. 
Today again he inspected and identified some more space in the ground floor of the hospital where about 5 rooms, a big hall occupied by few security guards and a lab locked since several years are being not utilized. He ordered to shift for security guard and opened the lab locked since several years. He immediately ordered this space about 5000 Sq. feet be vacated at top priority and renovated to accommodate some more beds for patients and also may be providing space for attendant  of patients was also discussed. Dr. US Dwivedi, Medical Superintendent was very happy to share that due to Vice Chancellor’s 3-4 visit the SS Hospital has added about 10,000 Sq. feet usable space without constructing new structure for the hospital.