Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Indians in Bahrain worried over rising suicides
Indians in Bahrain worried over rising suicides

Clean Media Correspondent 

Dubai: Mar 14: (CMC)   Worried over a rise in the numbers of suicides among expatriates, Indian community leaders in Bahrain have demanded urgent steps to check the problem by offering counseling and support services. 

At a gathering organised to discuss the problem and its causes, the community members said the rising numbers of suicides in the country should be a matter of concern that warranted immediate intervention, according to a report in the Gulf Daily News. 
The alarm bell were sounded by reports that as many as seven Indians had committed suicides in Bahrain in the last few weeks alone. 

Sovichen Chennattusserry, who organised the gathering and initiated discussions, said he is concerned that nine people had committed suicide in the last few weeks. 
"A majority of them (seven) are Indians and all of them have left behind broken, shattered families," he was quoted as saying. 
Chennattusserry said they need the support of the media and the community leaders.  

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