Sunday, 4 March 2012

Over 50 Hindus kidnapped in Balochistan province

Over 50 Hindus kidnapped in Balochistan province
Clean Media Correspondent 
Islamabad: Mar 4: (CMC)   Over 50 Hindus have been kidnapped in Pakistan's restive Balochistan province over the past four years, forcing members of the minority community to migrate to other parts of the country. 
Basant Lal Gulshan, the Human Rights and Minority Affairs Minister for Balochistan, said over 50 members of the Hindu community were abducted across the province in four years. "Among those are two assistants from my own pharmacy, abducted two days ago," he said. 

Human Rights Minister Gulshan said Hindus were targeted because the community is perceived to be "financially well off but weak". The Hindus are mostly traders and businessmen, and the community comprises two-thirds of Balochistan minority population of 300,000, he said. 
Most Hindus live in the Baloch-settled areas of Sibi, Nasirabad, Bhag and Dhadar, Most of the Kidnappings, however, take place in Kalat which is home to a major Hindu temple dedicated to goddess Kali, said the Chief Secretary. 

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