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Padam Bhusan Dr.Bharargava delivers lecture In BHU
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Padam Bhusan Dr.Bharargava delivers lecture In BHU 
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Varanasi (21.03.201) Dr. P.M. Bhargava founder and former Director of Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology and Vice Chairman of National Knowledge Commission and Member of BHU Executive Council, today delivered two lectures ‘Making India Knowledge Based Society’ and second ‘Two Faces of Beauty: Science & Art’.

 The first lecture was delivered at the valedictory function of 60th orientation course in Academic Staff College. In this lecture Dr. Bhargava explain that every citizen of a country should have minimum knowledge and information to discharge his duty as a responsible citizen and protect his rights as a citizen. He said no country has its governance flawless as knowledge is not complete. He said it is not enough to just have a knowledge but we should have a courage to use that knowledge. It is easier to govern a society which is based on knowledge provided to government to intend to be honest transparent and people oriented. Dr. Bhargava further said that it is very important that knowledge should disseminate and we used around the world. Knowledge multiplies when in use. It remains stagnant and decay when confined. In this reference he said India by becoming member of TRIPR (Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights) also are entitled for patenting of its knowledge and technology. Dr. Bhargava is against patenting system, because he feels this system confines the knowledge and technology to the masses. He said knowledge equity within a country and between country is essential for world peace. Knowledge inequity is the most important reason of exploitation and neocolonization.
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It may be mentioned here Dr. Bhargava got directly admitted in 9th Class when he was 10 years old. Though he is a chemist by degree but he is today known as Bhism Pitamah of Biological Sciences in Indian Scenario. Dr. Lalji Singh says Dr. Bhargava is a rare species which is distinct. Dr. Lalji Singh further said some people say he is a leftists and other rightists but he consider Dr. Bhargava as a perfect human being.  
In the second lecture he spoke on “Two Faces of Beauty: Science & Art” in the Swatantrata Bhawan, BHU, he explain about seven aspects to prove his point of view. He concluded for complete life we need both scientific temperament as well as temperament to understand arts. A good scientists must understand both well i.e. science as well as art. The these seven concepts are “Nature follow certain set trend, Nature follow law of science, Nature loves certain mathematical relationship, Aesthetic appreciation is genetically programmed, Man’s beautiful creation are inspired by nature, All creativity have element of beauty, Scientists are intuitively partial to beauty”. He gave several example to explain these principals which basically explain that there is a co-relation and set pattern in science and art and that is beautiful. He compared music symbols with the DNA sequences and played a music which is called DNA music. He said there is  a gene in every person which help in listening and admiring the music. Indian villages have lot of music, dance etc. which is the basis of beauty. 

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