Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Pak: Army brigadier conspired to create caliphate
Pak: Army brigadier conspired to create caliphate
Clean Media Correspondent 
Islamabad: Mar 7: (CMC)   A Pakistan Army brigadier facing court martial on charges of plotting to topple the democratic government had met a senior commander of the banned Hizb-ut-Tahrir while conspiring to create an Islamic caliphate, a prosecution witness has said. 
Brigadier (retired) Ali Khan, who was arrested last year and has been accused of plotting to mount an

attack on the army's General Headquarters, met the HuT's chief for Palestine, Maj Gen Amir Riaz has said in a statement. 
According to sources, Riaz's statement said Khan had disclosed that HuT had prepared a new constitution and a shadow government for Pakistan and that the group was ready to take over at any time. 
Army authorities had earlier said that Khan had contacted Riaz as part of his alleged efforts to get other military officers to join him in a mutiny. 
Riaz is the head of the Rawalpindi-based 111 Brigade, which has played a key role in military coups in the past. 

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