Thursday, 15 March 2012

Pakistan continues to back anti-India groups
Pakistan continues to back anti-India groups 
Clean Media Correspondent 
Washington: Mar 15: (CMC)    The international pressure on Pakistan, which increased over the past few years, to break off the intimate relationship between the ISI and LeT has come to naught, an eminent US expert and a key foreign policy advisor to the Romney campaign has said. 
"There has been increasing international pressure on Pakistan to break off this intimate relationship between the ISI and LeT, but it has thus far come to naught," Ashley Tellis, who is senior associate, South Asia Programme with the Carnegie Endowment for Peace, said in his latest policy outlook "The Menace That Is Lashkar-e-Toiba". 
Tellis, who played a key role in the historic India-US civilian nuclear deal, is co-chair of the Af-Pak working group of the Romney Campaign.  

Ever since president George W Bush initiated the global campaign against terrorism, the US has struggled mightily to convince Pakistan that its deepest threats emerge from within its own country and not from the outside, but US efforts to wean Pakistan, especially the military there, away from its obsession with India and away from fomenting terrorism to satisfy this obsession have failed, he wrote. 
"Islamabad continues to implement a self-serving counterterrorism strategy that involves targeting only those terrorist groups that threaten its own security, such as the Pakistani Taliban, even as it continues to provide succour and support to those elements that threaten India and Afghanistan," Tellis wrote. 
"Given the objective of bleeding India through a thousand cuts but not wounding it to a point of automatically embarrassing Pakistan or precipitating a major subcontinental war, the ISI has sought, especially after the 2008 attacks in Mumbai, to ‘modulate’ the object and intensity of LeT's violence but emphatically not to end it," he observed. 

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