Tuesday, 6 March 2012

SP biggest party in UP, Cong headed for shock defeat in Punjab
SP biggest party in UP, Cong headed for shock defeat in Punjab
Clean Media Correspondent 
New Delhi: Mar 6: (CMC)   Early trends in poll counting in five states show massive losses for the Congress party while BJP seems to be making solid gains. The Akali-BJP combine in Punjab is headed for a second term in office with leads in over 60 seats in the 117-member house. In Uttar Pradesh, Samajwadi Party is emerging as the biggest party, followed by the BSP in distant second, BJP in third and Congress finishing a poor fourth.
With leads in over 350 seats available, Mulayam Singh Yadav’s SP was leading in 138 seats while BSP was trailing with 87 leads. BJP seems to be headed for a strong finish with leads in 67 seats and Congress-RLD combine was leading only in 47 seats.
Even for SP, the performance looks much below expectation as in the last two days the party was tipped to touch 190-200 seats. But as of now, it seems the party will touch around 160-165 seats. In a scenario building, SP, Congress and RLD could come together to cross the magic figure of 203.
In Uttrakhand, BJP and Congress are locked in tough fight. Leads in all 70 seats are out and both BJP and Congress are leading in 29 seats each. BSP and Independents had leads in six seats each.
Despite widespread prediction that Congress will take power in Punjab looks to be proving wrong with Akali almost making a sweep with its alliance partner BJP. In the leads available in 104 seats, the Akali-BJP combine had 67 leads while Congress was tailing with 35. Akali on its own was leading in 53 seats and BJP was bringing in another 13. The 2e007 assembly polls, the Akali-BJP combine had 68 seats.