Friday, 2 March 2012

NATO partnership with India worth exploring
NATO partnership with India worth exploring
Clean Media Correspondent
Washington: Mar 2: (CMC)   A top Pentagon Commander has told US lawmakers that the possibilities of NATO partnership with India and Brazil are "worth exploring", as the two nations have great capabilities. 
"Just to really push a little further out there, two nations that I think are worth exploring possibilities with are India and Brazil. They both have great capability. They could operate with us, for example, in the piracy mission should they choose to do so," said Admiral James Stavridis, Commander of US European Command (EUCOM), and NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe. 
This is for the first time possibly that a top Pentagon commander is making such a statement on partnership between NATO and India. The Pentagon official was quick to inform lawmakers that this idea of his could be a little bit far-fetched. 

Stavridis, who was responding to a question from Congressman Loretta Sanchez at a Congressional hearing yesterday, said that exploring the possibilities of NATO building partnership with India was last on his list of four priorities of NATO's expansion and partnership with other countries. 
"I would look first and foremost at building on the coalition in Afghanistan. Twenty-eight NATO nations, but we have 22 other nations who are partnering with NATO in Afghanistan. This is many Pacific nations, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Tonga. So I think that that coalition base gives us one set of potential partners looking forward," he said. 

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